Resources used by the 147.120 repeater crew

Tech Net resources:

The Tech Net Wordpress blog for the Orlando 147.120 repeater.

The Tech Net Mediawiki project for the Orlando 147.120 repeater.

The Facebook page for the Orlando 147.120 repeater

The Central Florida HSMM HAM-MESH networking group.

The 147.120 repeater Announce mail list.

The 147.120 repeater Tech Net projects forum on Yahoo!groups

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Other resources:

The Florida 10-meters forum on Yahoo!groups

about 10-meter activities in the Central Florida area

The Orlando 220 is the 1.25-meters forum on Yahoo!groups

about 220MHz repeaters in the Central Florida area

IRC server: and join channel: #147.120

Live chat area for times like the Tech Net to provide additional support for net control and as a general chat area for those who love IRC.

Current Year Events:

The local calendar of current events for the 147.120 MHz (Orlando) repeater.

The Web-site and Facebook page for the Jeff's W4TEK Wagon

Contact: webmaster

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